Our Kindergarten

Welcome to Allen Kids- the pre primary wing of Allenhouse Public School. A place where care,nurturing,nourishing are the key words. Welcome to a home away from home-where every child receives abundant love and attention from teachers with a high emotional quotient.

It is here that the child is not just given wings, but the school also ensures that they develop strong roots.


At Allen Kids classrooms,children learn by engaging in a series of playway exercises. Kids here imbibe the ethos of creativity, imagination and confidence.

We believe learning should be an enjoyable experience for each child, from the very first day of the school. At Allen Kids, it is our persistent endeavor to make each day a special experience for our children.

We have carefully crafted a theme-based curriculum for each month, in such a manner that complete holistic learning is provided to pre-schoolers.

According to the themes of each month, activities, art & craft,concepts are taken up in the class.

Physical fitness is also a major part of our curriculum. We conduct a 30 minutes fitness class of different activities each day: Yoga, Karate, Zumba, & Splash Pool.

For some activities, we have professional trainers coming over as well.

This method helps us instill the following core values in our students:

- Independence

- Self awareness

- Sense of responsibility

- Eye-hand coordination

- Concentration

- Developing self-esteem

Community Service

"The best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Community service is the foundation of societies and culture. We as mentors ensure that as responsible citizens, students must develop character and integrity through voluntary actions to help the community with magnanimity.

Excursions And Expeditions

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." – St. Augustine Travelling unfolds layers of cherishing experiences. Memories of school trips of the formative years remain deeply embossed in the minds of the students as well as teachers.

The school makes arrangements from time to time, to take the children on picnics, nature walks, and other educational trips.


We conduct a Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) every two months, which will be done through a written report, with details of the child's progress.

Apart from this, if parents feel like meeting the teacher for any reason,they are requested to a take a prior appointment.

Health check-ups will also be carried out once in six months.

A Holiday list is available on our website, Apart from that, telephonic reminders are also sent.

Parents are requested to inform of the child's absence through an email, phone or message. However, in case the leave is for more than 3 days, a written application stating the reason for absence is required to be submitted.

    Among the many special features that Allen Kids Vasundhara boasts of:

  • • Reading corners in each classroom.
  • • Learning through Fun Zones.
  • • Safe and secure environment
  • • Comfortable interiors & child - friendly ambience
  • • Air conditioned class rooms
  • • Insurance coverage for children
  • • Trained & experienced teachers & auxiliary staff
  • • Elementary Computer Lessons
  • • Montessori method supported by apparatus and appropriate educational aids.

    Activities include:

  • • Art & Craft
  • • Music and Movement
  • • Mental - physical Co-ordination Games
  • • Improving communication skills
  • • Helping children to become confident & motivating them to learn through electronic media & other aids
  • • Summer / Winter Camps
  • • Adventure Camps.